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Smarter PreMove cancellation

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    As you know, a pre-move (live chess) is cancelled if becomes illegal.

    I have a certain case that bugs me with pre-moves, but maybe there are more I can't think of.

    If I'm threatening a piece that I wish to capture, sometimes I would like to make a pre-move for that, but if the opponent decides to go back with this piece, removing it from the threat, the pre-move would cause my capturing-piece to move pointlessly into the opponent's advantage.

    What do you guys think?

    Should a pre-move be cancelled as well if the would-be-captured piece has moved?

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    nah i don't think so

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    LoveYouSoMuch wrote:

    nah i don't think so

    That's very concise. What reason do you have against having this extra functionality for the pre-move feature?

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    in short, i'm an old school player who is used to the way it is and not wrongly premoving into a "trade" is a subset of premoving skill. :P

    sometimes i also want to place a piece somewhere that currently is occupied by an enemy piece, but going to be vacated (ie endings)

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    Technically you could say that the premove you made was Nxd5, not Nd5, so if black moves his knight away, then Nxd5 becomes illegal.

    However, there are also situations where someone would want to move a piece onto a square currently occupied by an opponent piece regardless of whether that piece moves or not. And what if in that same situation, you want to move your piece only if your opponent moves the piece? How would you make a premove in those cases?

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    Yeah, it's probably not too common, but sometimes you want to play to a square that's going to be vacated.

    Especially when you're low on time and not worried about the strength of the move this could cost you the game.  Maybe you're giving checks and they move the king or an inbetween piece off the sqaure.

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    also, technically, a premove is just "this piece -> that square". surely that is very simple and makes a lot of sense to anyone.

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    You guys have a point, but surely an option to "Cancel on moved/cancel on unmoved" at the very least, in the preferences, is nice. I usually find myself wanting the cancel-on-moved option rather than the other.

    The better reasoning was

    LoveYouSoMuch wrote:

    in short, i'm an old school player who is used to the way it is and not wrongly premoving into a "trade" is a subset of premoving skill. :P

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    Well... I was serious about it costing the game.  Even if I'm just playing something simple like bishop takes bishop.  If we're both under 10 seconds I want all my premoves to work every time (which is why sacrificial checks are one of the more important late game tactics).

    It seems like these are the only situations where you'd make a risky premove like this anyway :p

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    ha ha..if the black move...Qa7..then if white takes the knight in d5........Qa1+ will checkmate...Nxd5...Qa1+...Bc1....Qxc1++

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