Sound Issue


the sound issue has disapeared for me when using the new site


Same problem on Mac except when i'm checkmate...No sound when I play !!!


Try using the new site - sounds are much better there. Visit


I think its because of loading the top games and you haven't cancelled.


Chome, Windows 10, just rebooted, no other apps, and no sound when opponent moves.  Except piece captures do make sound.   First time I had the problem after a reboot.  Lost my game.


omg same


erik:  We're now on the new site (which I was sent to today) - and today the sound issue is still here...


I lost many games because of missing sound . Anybody can advise how to fix it?



I've realized the problem occurs whenever I leave the tab and come back. I do that often while in the middle of a seek (i.e. switching music or googling something). When I come back about half the time the sound has completely turned off. It seems to happen if ever I click on another tab during a game, as well. 


Hey friends,

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Sound in new lessons is not working on Chrome


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