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    I just played a game where I dropped a queen early on, started moving pretty slow after that  because basically I didn't have many offensive options.  My opponent undoubtedly got distracted because I was taking so long and I ended up taking his Queen.  So then I wait and wait for him to move.  Figured he was upset about it so I make some conciliatory remark and apologize for taking so long but then notice he had turned chat off.)  So I continue to wait, and then go to my live chess standings and notice that I "lost" immediately after taking his queen.

    My only point is that this sort of anomaly has occured numerous times for me in Live Chess 2.  Certainly there were disconnects occasionally in Live Chess 1, but not this sort of thing, ever.

    And my suggestion would be that there be some private thread in the forum where we could notify admin of erroneous games like this and they would automatically go into a DB for the programmers to review later.  Undoubtedly there would be thousands of games like this, but they could be sampled randomly or statistics could be run on them.  But it seems there should be some formal method for tracking all this instead of disgruntled players starting a thread each time (and others with erroneous results not saying anything at all.)

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    i dont play live chess anymore due to these problems. It puts me in bad mood!


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