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Tournament basics

  • #1

    In Live Chess tournaments, players who have no rating history should be excluded.

    Again, a player with no rating, and who in all probability employs some nefarious strategems, was allowed to enter a tournament, making the experience something not worth repeating.

    As a long-term subscriber, I am on the verge of leaving.


    When it is broke, FIX IT!

  • #2

    lol did an unrated 10 year old beat you up? :)

  • #3

    The player in question let two minutes go by before moving, then made all his moves in thirty seconds. The moves were solid and error free. His only game history is bullet games where he makes bizarre moves and then loses on time.

  • #4

    probably an engine experimenter ?

  • #5

    In the tournament, the poser drew an FM when the FM ran out of time two moves from checkmate, and lost to an <1300. That alone would be suspicious without the other analomies.


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