What do you do when someone refuses to move?


I usually insult them. If they’re going to break the rules than it’s ok to break the rules and make fun of them a little bit


Wow that might be a good idea. 


I used to stare holes into my computer screen.  But that didn't seem to make them move any faster.  Wasn't any good for my computer nor my eyes.


Don't sit around and do nothing. Just walk around the house, help your family out and so on. 


Just remember to check the game once a while just to make sure. 


I check my mails, watch youtube videos, listen songs, communicate with friends over phone or do some house hold stuff but if it exceeds 6 min i report it to chess.com with stalling in games option


Are you sure it isn't zugzwang?


I've had too many people who I'm beating disconnect and let the clock run out rather than resign.  In my book that's poor sportsmanship.  I can tell when someone gets disconnected and reconnects due to internet or server issues, but deliberate disconnecting is very annoying. Sometimes things happen during a game, e.g., an asthma attack, my daughter calls with an urgent matter, someone unexpected drops by, and I can't continue.  I always resign rather than disconnect.  I want to be fair to my opponent.


Wife: "did you leave the game? Why?"


Me: "well, so you can have all my attention on your plans about the kids' extracurricular activities during next course (which is starting in two months)"


Wife: "now you are telling me it is my fault you lost it!"


Players do have a right to use their full allotment of time! If someone keeps you waiting too long, you can always play with yourself.