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  • Cheddleton Conquers Europe

    An intro to Cheddleton's European Campaign and a prelude to Fiona's massive 12-hour live stream to help our cause! | Read More

  • How Nakamura Beats Carlsen

    July 13th 2016 will be remembered as Independence Day for Hikaru Nakamura as he stopped years of torment at the hand of Magnus Carlsen. In round 1 of the Bilbao Super GM tournament, the 28 year old American defeated the world champion at classical... | Read More

  • Tactics: The Final Frontier

    Many people ask the question, how long will it take to become a master if I started studying right now? Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to this question; there are way too many variables to consider. Fortunately, I do have the answer that w... | Read More

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