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  • Visualization Puzzles #4

    Easy: After 1. Rh7+ Kg8 2. Rfg7+ Kf8 3. Rxd7, can Black get away with ...a1=Q?   Medium: The game went 50...Rf8 51. Rxb4 f6 52. Bc5 Rc8 53. exf6 Rxc5 54. f7 Rc8 55. Rb7 and now Black played ...Bd3, but what if Black had played ...Bg6 intendin... | Read More

  • Secrets of Grandmaster Chess

    What is it that allows Grandmasters to outplay untitled players with ease? What secrets do they know that others don’t? This week, I reveal some of the secrets of Grandmaster chess in a 1 hour webinar – free for all my followers. Click her... | Read More

  • Pitting Red Bull vs. Orange Juice

    Nakamura and Carlsen are well known for their favorite drinks - Red Bull and Orange Juice, respectively. Their battles on the chessboard have mostly resulted in an Orange Juice win, and when they met again in Bilbao, no one was expecting anything ... | Read More

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  • Defesa Russa armadilhas - Petrov Defence Traps

    Veja minha nova serie de videos sobre armadilhas da defesa russa,e se inscrevam no canal.   | Read More

    • Victor016
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • Pokemon GO Team Survey: Which team are you based on the type of chess player you are

    Ok so on facebook over the past 2.5 weeks, there have been a ****************** ton of posts regarding Pokemon GO teams, which gave me the idea to write this blog, determining which team you should chose/ should have chosen based on the kind of ch... | Read More

    • anjiang
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • The Definition Of Life

    by HJS "Live - Love - Enjoy!" reads an advertisement for a local funeral home, with the caption underneath, "We'd rather wait." When I saw that, I said to myself, "Isn't that what people strive to do?" Scores of people spend their lives in searc... | Read More

    • JD-ex
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • White Rep- quizes

    Here is a page of my lines as white playing several openings. If you're here to spy on my prep, and try to beat me OTB enjoy... you can see exactly what I'm working on. Please don't clutter my page with comments. | Read More

  • Why should we put all of our games to a chess database?

    Today I continue to write about my daily experiences in the 21 days to Supercharge your chess course.  You can read about the past days:   Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5    My goals:  1. I want to study chess in an organized w... | Read More

  • Vacations Vacations

    NOte the bad black bishop, Ta1 could be the next move, and the ideia to move f4, f5 and f6 is good too. The black rook is in a not good position. | Read More

  • Smith-Morra Gambit, and my shortest game

    Hi! This is pete-2. And now I want to share with you my shortest game. It's Smith-Morra Gambit, very interesting and controversial opening. After 3.c3 the only move is ...dxc3. My opponent hurried making his moves, and he made big mistake in the b... | Read More

    • pete-2
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • SPFGI Round 1

    | Read More

    • katclaws
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • Game of the Week

    This week I am going to do 2 games because I can't decide which to do! The first is going to be one from a 50 game match I am doing with jparr1. Second one is just a regular game!   | Read More

    • njacobson
    • | Jul 25, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • LIVE "LANGOCHESS against beginners on 25-07-16" — ShahMatKanal

        Соперники до 1300. Контроль: 15+0. Прямая трансляция проходила на Twitch: | Read More

  • Tenison Gambit. Queen trap .4 | Read More

  • Houston Chess Festival

     Hey guys! This weekend I went to the Houston chess festival in Houston (obviously). I finished with a score of 3.5/5 and my rating went up from 1728 to 1809! I got tied for 6th place. I will be using the Pre-tournament ratings. If you want to s... | Read More

    • aalv
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • 7/25/16 (Day -4)

    Monday is here, and it's time for another post. Well, I did indeed go to that 45|10 tournament a couple of days ago. And I did play that player rated 2261P4. Here is a brief recap: First Round: It was a somewhat simple/quick draw with a 1400-som... | Read More

  • Gem

    | Read More

    • xDrpsycho
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • Tactical Labyrinth

    I would still play 13 .... Bb8 ?! even though the computer frowns upon it. Ultimately the bishop pair enabled black to mount a strong counter-attack beginning with 21 ... e4 although it is the 'silicon monster' which shows us how the attack should... | Read More

  • Advisory Flowey #2

    Advisory Flowey: Pokemon Go. The gym where you participate every day. Memes are bad for your health. Therefore, consume 100 memes every day. Please confisicate all sunflowers so that people won't remember the intense boss battle where grave... | Read More

    • darthion
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • Lithuanian history

    Lietuva, Latvija, Prūsija | Read More

  • One of the most beautiful games of mine! | Read More

  • Exciting slow chess league game.

    What a game!  I was facing the possibility of a strong attack which thankfully didn't occur and managed to find good counterplay on the queenside. Chess is truly magical at slower time controls with less mistakes and greater depth of play.  Eno... | Read More

  • Al tuntún V

    Llora. Otra vez. | Read More

    • Alliguen
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • Venus Fly Trap

    A game of many missed opportunities (notably the mate in 2 at move 10!) but White manages to finally close the mating net with the black king stranded in the centre of the board. | Read More

  • best win

    ich bekomme 0 Punkte für einen Sieg !!! , aber diesen Mist,bester Sieg mit xxxx Ratingpoints die auf Zeit gewonnen wurde, lieber hätte ich die Gewinnpunkte und nicht diesen "nicht-gewonnenen" Eintrag!!! Chesscom reagiert nicht auf Streichung des... | Read More

    • Orion136
    • | Jul 25, 2016
  • مرد ثروتمند و جواهراتش

    مرد ثروتمندی بود که عاشق جمع کردن جواهرات و سنگ‌های قیمتی بود. یک روز مردی به ملاقات او رفت و درخواست کرد که جواهرات را به او نشان دهد. مر... | Read More

  • Where a journey of an unknown number of points begins with a single tournament

    While it's fresh in my mind I'm going to record my thoughts on the Seafair Open 2016, my first tournament, which ended today, to give me something to look back on.  Though my Dad taught me to play when I was a kid I don't think I had any idea th... | Read More

  • Week of July 25, 2016

    Pairings for the Slow Chess League have been posted for the Week of July 25, 2016:    2016/07 Tournament Series Round 4 - July 25-31   101 drchessdad (3.0,1765) v PiereGM (2.5,1725)  102 Evan Wood (2.5,1416) v PaoloNN (2.5,1473)  103 w... | Read More

    • SirIvanhoe
    • | Jul 24, 2016