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  • Paralaysis by Analysis

    I got flagged (for only the 2nd time ever in 1200+ games!) in my round 2 game of the Leigh Hunt Memorial. I could easily blame it on the fact that were using an analog clock and I thought I still had 3 minutes left, while thinking my opponent only... | Read More

  • Learning Openings

    I review a site called that concentrates on studying openings by repetition. Or, as I said it (well, not really :)), repetitio est mater studiorum. Plus my system how I finished University without studying! :) http://www.alexcolov... | Read More

  • Phiona Mutesi Chess Game (Queen of Katwe)

    On September 30th, 2016 the Disney movie "Queen of Katwe" will be released. It's based on a true story, one depicting the life of Phiona Mutesi, who today is a Chess Champion in Uganda. In this video I share a recent game she played at the 2016 Wo... | Read More

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