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  • Hikaru Nakamura vs ChessPanda123 (7 games)

    Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura plays some blitz against an anonymous Grandmaster, likely a super grandmaster, from China with the username chesspanda123. I kibitz 7 blitz games with time control 3|0. The quality of the games is quite high as one migh... | Read More

  • Your Games Analyzed!?!

    One segment that I'm doing on my twitch stream is a reincarnation of an old favorite of mine from your games analyzed. In this segment, viewers offer up their games for comment and analysis. On last Friday's stream, we went over the ... | Read More

  • CNE Dutch Rapid Ch Sunday 30th of October

    Hi all! This week I am organizing a chess week with lots of activities in my hometown of Amstelveen. Main event will be on Sunday 30th of October when the Dutch Rapid Championships (Men & Women), sponsored by local company CNE ICT Profession... | Read More

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