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  • Turning a knight outpost into an awesome checkmate

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    • buttski
    • | Feb 6, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • The Night I gave up the Stonewall: KingCo League Round 9

    The last week of KingCo chess league did not go well. We already knew we would not qualify for the state come petition, even worse we had to play Overlake. In a blitz match, Overlake lost 1-4 against Issaquah, a surprising result as they had highe... | Read More

  • Wei Yi Wins The "Best Game of 2015 Prize"

    Undoubtedly, we have a clear winner of the "Best Game Prize" for all of 2015: Wei Yi's Brilliancy. GM Wei Yi is often referred to as the "sucessor to Carlsen". He is the one who broke Carlsen's record for youngest Super Grandmaster ever. In the f... | Read More

  • Solvers

    See if you can make 6 pawns promote   | Read More

  • Uni vs. Kendal 28/1/16

    We played Kendal in the league last Wednesday. On paper, we had grading edges on all boards, so were looking for a victory again! My game was pretty sharp - I played the opening poorly, but got back into it with a well-timed opening of the centre... | Read More

    • -waller-
    • | Feb 6, 2016
  • Is It Draw on Rapid Tournament

    Please help me. It was a Rapid Tournament (30min each) I played in black. This is a draws position but i won the match with time. I had 2.50min+ & opponent had 30 sec. After flag down he told me that it was a draw. Bcoz he did same moves(1.... | Read More

    • tuhin_786
    • | Feb 6, 2016
  • Chess

    When you play chess, Why do you play it. answer below and I will give you a trophy if you get it right | Read More

  • Chess.Com Xaker [FAKE]

    Fake Moment   CLICK THE VIDEO  | Read More

    • Humbetov
    • | Feb 6, 2016
  • ناهنجاری دریای بالتیک

    ناهنجاری دریای بالتیک "ما در مورد فضا بیشتر از اعماق اقیانوس ها میدانیم" این حرف تا حدود زیادی درست است چراکه واقعیت این است شرایط زن... | Read More

  • خرید قرص سیالیس مشکی

    سیالیس مشکی( بلک اصل انگلیس) دوز 200 میل قرص سیالیس مشکی با دوز 200 میل اصل انگلیسی : قرص های سیالیس بر خلاف قرص های ویا.گرا دارای سیلدنافیل ... | Read More

  • Chess Puzzles 4

    Here are some chess puzzles For more puzzles visit my blog   | Read More

    • Steikt
    • | Feb 6, 2016
  • grandes partidas de campeões mundiais

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    • aandrade
    • | Feb 6, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • Master Level Child's Play

    Hi Chess Friends, Seeing lots of kids play chess, by far the most popular opening is the so called Canal variation. Both players develop all of their minor pieces, but since the knights block the c and f pawns, it's difficult for either side to p... | Read More

  • Special offer!

    For every interested students today and tomorow I give special offer for lessons. 10lessons=110euros.This is packeg. Payment moneygram. Who is interested can write private message. | Read More

  • Tournament Report: Winter Special (2)

    Yesterday, I reported on my wins of my last tournament. As mentioned there, I do not want to show you my games chronically, but ordered by complexity. In the last round, I played against a team mate against whom I already lost twice. For that rea... | Read More

    • kurze15
    • | Feb 6, 2016
  • annotated games of 2

    Hi,   I like this game a lot, because it shows that fast piece development is much more important than pawn moves! | Read More

  • Improving my Game : SCID , Stockfish and Danish Gambit

    Let's Start Studiying chess (for me at least) starts by Installing Scid and Stockfish.Yesterday after 4 hours and a lot of set backs (and vage error messages ) I finally succeeded in installing the Opensource software combo on my os. And it was... | Read More

    • truffel3
    • | Feb 6, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • annotated games of

    Hi guys, I decided to comment games of players up to 1600elo in order some of you can learn tactics and strategical ideas. If you want a game annotated pls send it to me! | Read More


      JOIN   Bobby Fischer Group Welcome join and play together with more than 6,100+ Fischer Fans! This is a group about Robert Fischer, arguably the best chess player ever, certainly the best who never even finished high school. You can check m... | Read More

  • Test

    [Result "*"] 1.e4 h6 2.d4 a5 3.Bd3 b6 4.Ne2 * | Read More

    • andrewcrab
    • | Feb 6, 2016
  • Sicilian Defense -Dragon Variation

    Sicilian Defence, Dragon Variation[edit] 5...g6 introduces the famous "Dragon" variation of the Sicilian defence. While the general themes are easy to understand, the Dragon is a very sharp line with immense amounts of established theory. Against ... | Read More

    • sachin951
    • | Feb 6, 2016
  • ♥ Adriana Nikolova ♥ FANCLUB Valentine's Day Tournament

    ♥ Adriana Nikolova ♥ FANCLUB Valentine's Day Tournament  Start on Valentine's Day February 14, 2016 This is an invitational tournament, only for invited players!  Good luck everyone, enjoy the games! Michael   | Read More

  • A nice day today

    I have had a nice sleep)) The full day is mine now!! | Read More

  • Chess Is Never An Emergency - A Notice To All My Chess Groups !

    I am a proud member of more than 280 groups. This means I get about 50 mails per day and also postings to my profile with invitations for team games. Many of those messages come with rather dramatic headings like 'final call', 'urgent' or 'emergen... | Read More

  • Using the typical Sicilian exchange sacrifice

    Typical exchange sacrifices in the Sicilian are not so difficult to learn, and can be great fun! Usually 1 pawn for the exchange is good, plus having some active play. More pawns is often better. But of course it all depends on what is on the che... | Read More

    • achja
    • | Feb 5, 2016