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  • Washington Championship, part 1

    In past years the Washington State Championship has consisted of three 10-player round robins.  The winner of the top section becomes Champion:  the winners of the lower sections are seeded into upper sections next year.  There are also a few o... | Read More

  • Empezando un nuevo camino

    Chess gives us the ability to look at the immediate possibilities before our eyes and perfect mentally envision potential future possibilities in the game and throughout life.El ajedrez nos da la capacidad de mirar las posibilidades inmediatas del... | Read More

  • Chasing the Bishop by Pushing Pawns Forward

    On Sunday, an Italian Game occured on my board. Boring? Not how we played: My opposite early went for 6.Bg5 (we both did not castle yet). I took a quick thought played 6...h6, he 7.Bh4 and I continued pushing with 7...g5!?. Later on, he slightly ... | Read More

    • kurze15
    • | Feb 9, 2016
  • Accidentally qualifying for the British

    The ECF Grading Database reliably informs me that the last individual weekend tournament I attended was an U150/U1750 in July 2013. I was lucky enough to win that section with more than my fair share of luck. Having suffered a disastrous grade de... | Read More

  • Tactics Tactics Tactics.

    At sub ELO 2000, often I find that the easiest way to win is stay tight and wait for your opponent to overlook a tactical hit as in the following game:  | Read More

  • Patience.

    I am eagerly looking forward to my first OTB tournament this coming April. With longer time controls (90mins +30s), I am aware that I have to restrain myself from playing the first good looking move that i see and calcuate some variations first. M... | Read More

  • cg

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  • cw

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  • Mine life

    I am irritated from my life now because all time i left myself with pain and tears because of friendship.I dont care if i live now or die soon i did not find anything good in my life all is useless life is only full of pain and tears I tried e... | Read More

  • Positional Domination: Hou Yifan Breaks the Ice!

    I've been having issues getting the diagrams to display for some reason, so I encourage you to check out the original post here! It feels like a long countdown until this weekend’s G/75 Pennsylvania State Chess Championships and Pittsburgh Ches... | Read More

  • ev

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  • Curso audiovisual de ajedrez (103)

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  • Shropshire Quickplay Division 1

    Well a little treat as I don't alway record moves but sometimes Im in the mood and last night I was so here are my games, a mixed bag of both play and results but for the team another good result overall.   | Read More

  • How to Attack: The Mighty h-pawn

    There are many ways of attacking in chess and learning players if serious at all, should familiarise themselves with as many of these methods as possible. If you cannot attack, then you have to just sit there passively and allow your opponent ... | Read More

  • "So," my friend asks, "what's a good recent attacking game you played?"

    And I responded, "Why, let me show you..." Game here: | Read More

    • NM nmpdk
    • | Feb 9, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • Once one french composer wrote for one spanish violinist...

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    • Podaryonka
    • | Feb 9, 2016
  • Chess is a blessing... and a curse

    But only three in all God's universeHave heard this word thou hast said,---Himself, besideThee speaking, and me listening! and repliedOne of us . . . that was God, . . . and laid the curseSo darkly on my eyelids, as to amerceMy sight from seeing... | Read More

  • 2016 British Columbia Open (Canada)

    About one hour ago, i finished my 6 games (90|30) in BC chess Open with 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 draws. Five of my opponents were masters (NM or FM), so I am happy with the result, especially because I won a prize of $250. My performance rating should... | Read More

    • Faarian
    • | Feb 8, 2016
  • What do you think of this game?

    I think some moves I made weren't the best, and my opponent made one horrible blunder. But what do you think of it? Feedback? Suggestions? BTW my rapid/standard rating is my lowest (except for variants) so I am trying to improve in that area. I h... | Read More

    • FChopin99
    • | Feb 8, 2016
  • Capitalization with a C

    If you have a good position, you can't dilly-daddle or else you will lose (as I did here). What should I have done?   | Read More

    • NM linlaoda
    • | Feb 8, 2016
  • Upcoming Games

    Watch for upcoming Slow Chess League games on the live chess server this week:   Upcoming Games Schedule Mon 8th of Feb 2016 22:00 - 101 xjian77 (1.0,2011) v Paul Postma (1.0,1422)  Tue 9th of Feb 2016 08:00 - 107 Serge Ledan (0.0,1398) v Sub... | Read More

    • SirIvanhoe
    • | Feb 8, 2016
  • How to Win a Bullet Game

    Winning a bullet game may seem easy but it's not. Here I will give out some tips and tricks to help you win bullet games.  #1 Keep as much time on the clock When I play online, about 60% of the wins are from time. There are some cases that peop... | Read More

  • What Agape Love Does Well

    by HJS Paul, writing to the Corinthians, made four powerful statements, which give us guidelines for loving today: Love bears all things. The Greek word Paul used means "to cover, to pass over in silence, to keep confidential." Another translat... | Read More

    • JD-ex
    • | Feb 8, 2016
  • The Adventure of Captain Chess Hand PART 2

    One day while Bin-Hahmin was composing chess in his house a strange face appeared in his mirror and revealed great power to him.The face then transformed into a dimensional portal and Bin-Hahmin was gone form chessantis.At that exact C.B.chess boa... | Read More

    • RKD3
    • | Feb 8, 2016
  • Daniel Bendixen 1805 - Ove Wagner 1756 1-0

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