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  • Imagine CHESS

    Imagine there's no heaven (white to move) It's easy if you try (black to move  helpmate in 3)No hell below us (white to move)Above us only sky (white to move)Imagine all the people (white to move)Living for today... Aha-ah... (white to move) Im... | Read More

  • What we can learn from Bullet Super Grandmasters

    This post will be a little different. We'll be learning from a game of a bullet super-grandmaster a couple of their key traits that we can implement in our own games:Principal #1: take free material if isn't a blunder (it tends to be easier to pla... | Read More

  • Learning Openings

    I review a site called that concentrates on studying openings by repetition. Or, as I said it (well, not really :)), repetitio est mater studiorum. Plus my system how I finished University without studying! :) http://www.alexcolov... | Read More

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