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Why Frequent disconnections in Live chess?

  • #1

    Can anyone explain what causes the frequent disconnections in Live Chess.

    Is it the servers, browsers or Internet providers where the problems are.

  • #2

    I also get diconnected and it's usually your network. Also sometimes the whole server shuts down for maintenance and games that were played are all excluded. Just restart your router if you lose connection and it will reconnect.

  • #3

    Thanks, sometimes I get a message saying bad gateway. i wasnt sure was the fault on the network or chess.coms side.

    whats happening lately is when it disconnects and I log back in the game has gone.

    its frustrating when the game has been in progress for an hour or two already.

  • #4

    This happens several times a week for me. Usually on the mobile app, but it's also happening in the browser a few times a month.  There are 2 types of disconnects. The ones where the site goes down for everybody and those where only one party is disconnected for a while and when it comes back my clock is reduced by the time of the disconnect.  It's extremely frustrating in Blitz chess, where every second counts.   


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