2100 Puzzle Rating!



Above 3000 is when the puzzles get insane. You have to avoid the tempting moves and look for these ridiculous quiet moves. Also the final position is totally unclear in a lot of cases, so even if you do manage to calculate deeply, you need the skill of being able to evaluate the resulting position.

In the 1500-2200 range, most puzzles are just sac-sac-mate. They're usually pretty obvious thematic sacrifices, or they involve some kind of double attack (eg. threaten a piece + threaten mate at the same time). The final position is also super clear in what you're trying to achieve.

The 2200-3000 range has kind of a mix of both. Some quiet moves, some flashy sacrifices. Usually there's a decent amount of calculation required for these puzzles, but the final solution is mostly pretty clear once you spot it.


I have 2453 and up


2200 now!