300 checkmate puzzles!! (puzzles 1 - 19)


Hey, there are "300" checkmate puzzles for you to solve. These puzzles are quite easy and will get harder for some in the future puzzles (i.e. 101 - 300 are more tougher then the puzzles 1 - 100). The puzzles on this page are all checkmate in 2 moves. i will make a new page with puzzles 20 - 38 tommorow hopefully so you can do 19 checkmate puzzles per day until you complete the whole 300! have fun and hope you like them Wink



Thank you, nice time to spend while waiting.


Thanks that was really cool, I'll be tracking this, please leave a link in this thread when you get onto the next 20

Just a recommendation: please number them so we can refer to them easily, i.e. puzzle no. 8 is cooked, although 1. Qb3+ Ke4 is a valid alternative (and 2. Qd3# is the unique checkmate) 1. ... Kd4 allows either 2. Qd3# or Qc4#

Keep it up Wink


where did you get this from ?


True, I noticed that too, but i just went for the obvious checkmate in my eyes.


i got them from a book, i just thought i would post them up for people to do. and sorry about that zrylam, i will try to see if i could do something about that. Laughing


I think i may know which book, but it's not coming to mind. Is it in a rectangular shape? Ahhhh.... I know the name starts with a P.... Or T...


i think its a retangular shape with a cover. it doesnt start with a P or T. hehe, another hint is that the book has some words and pictures of chess diagrams in it :O

WOOOO!!!!! #10 is NICEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have more than 50 books under my list that have a picture of a chess diagram in it.....


You got all of them from a book but you won't tell whether it was Polgar or Reinfeld?




Excellent Checkmate Puzzles.  Thank you.  Smile

Due to copyright issues, I'd like to make checkmate puzzles for personal use from my collection of books. My goal overtime is to condense my heavy puzzle books into software puzzles, where it will be handy everywhere and anywhere for use on a laptop or table - maybe even a smart phone! Cool

I really like the puzzle maker, and I have yet to find anything quite like it on the internet to make my own puzzles for personal use.

Does anyone know of a site where I can get a puzzle maker, or, is there a way that I can use the puzzle maker without posting them in the public forum? Could I create a private blog, where I can use the puzzle maker and lock this one blog from other users so as to not violate copyright laws? 

Some months ago I made the error of posting published checkmate puzzles to share with others in the community. closed the thread.


I'll bump this. Good stuff

jayzetar wrote:

I'll bump this. Good stuff

I will too. The puzzles are outstanding, especially in my case, since it is counter-intuitive for this beginning chess player to sac his queen to achieve mate.


Good puzzles.  One of them has an alternative solution.


part 2 of the 300 checkmate puzzles link:


part 3 link:


good puzzles. and good for bigeners


Where are the rest?