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An original retro problem #14

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    Release the position.


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    Can you explain what is the objective here?

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    uhh... black is in checkmate right now.

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    Randomemory wrote:

    Can you explain what is the objective here?

    The objective is to figure out what were the last moves. It's not easy though!

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    white took something on f3 with the pawn.

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    Yep, but which piece was captured?

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    At first glance, the position looks impossible, because White's last move, e2xf3++, implies that the B on h7 is promoted, and I don't see how White could queen his a-pawn on a light square other than e8 and that's too far.. oh, wait, White could do that by taking four pices, say two knights (the one on h1 is obvously promoted) and two rooks, as well as, say, a Q on f3 and a B on g3.  The bigger problem is what White's last move was after Black's last move of Qf3 - presumably c3, but say play moved h2-h1=N before that... then what could it have been?

    OK, I'm too lazy to work this out any further, but maybe it will help someone else solve it... good luck. :)

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    shoopi wrote:

    Yep, but which piece was captured?

    black's piece... queen, rook or knight. I say queen.

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    or knight, that works too.

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    Correct. Of course, the first two moves are not completely unique, but the rest of the 17 moves are.


    I knew that this will be pretty easy for you... Tongue Out You should try problem #13. It's slightly harder, but not by much.


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