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Chess Puzzle(HARD)

  • #21

    I found alternate solution

  • #22

    Good puzzle but bad solution. Ba4 is much faster. I spent a good 20 min looking at this and was super confused when it rejected Ba4.

  • #23

    Kf7 after Ba4 just leads to Be8+ and Ng7#

  • #24

    That was very hard. It took me a long time to figure out which piece made the first move. grin.png

  • #25

    Another solution:

    1. Nh6 f5+ Nf5 Kf7 Bd5+ e6  Ng5+ Kf6 Rd6 anything Re6# Or 4...Kg6 Rd6 anything Re6#

    Note: I used black and hi-light it or quote it to see it.

  • #26
    Kf7 Be8+ Kf8 Bg6#

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