Magic Combinations From my Games




#61 puzzle is a magic.


It is really very complex combination.

One Of my Best Games



#61 is indeed a very nice puzzle. I couldn't find 8.Bf6 which is an especially beautiful move.

I'm really liking the puzzles so far

Carpe_noctum wrote:

Just don't say its your game. It happened "coincedentially" (I'm too lazy to spelllll ot right)
u just go around find nice puzzles

You have a point, the title did mislead us. But earth did admit that the games you're talking about were actually from popular and beautiful positions played between grandmasters. Earth had the position, and then played onwards in a different way than the grandmasters played, thus leading to other nice variations. These other variations are what he's posting. Maybe earth64 calls them "my games" because the end positions were reached by earth64, and we thought there was a different meaning in that than what earth meant. You can refer to #47 to fully understand the point.