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Daily Puzzle Submissions! *Be Involved*

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    Yeah I agree with apple,I was wondering why it wouldn't allow me to do that move
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    it wont let put a game
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    I am puzzled by the forkman's puzzle.  It should be a one mover.  I don't know why the solution should be that long.

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    Forkman made the win all the more sweeter with the extra moves.

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    miyagis puzzle is very EASY so please make them difficult

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    forkman wrote: Here's a puzzle I made up. 

    Ya i agree with apple 27

    1st move Nd6 is mate.

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    hey! chess enthusiast, try this one......white mates in 3 moves


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    Easy-Medium (there are three variations)









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    heres mine!









    hope you like it!

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    This puzzle if from a blitz (10 minute) game. It is White to move and win material.

    This is fairly simple, you should see the solution almost immediately.
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    Someone asked about an editor. I use the excellent free Babas Chess, which also allows you to play online. It has a full range of editing options, including saving positions to the clipbloard in fen/pgn format for pasting into chess.com's own editor. I haven't had a lot of luck with the chess.com editor so I prefer to use that one, and it's free! Just do a search for Babas or go directly to the website:


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    Guys, if u hav done my puzzle, plz put yes on ur post. if u hav alredy posted then just edit and put it in. THX!!!
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    infinitum wrote:

    Try this one. Its from a game I had played quite recently. The level of difficulty is Easy. Mate in 4.


    It is not mate in 4, that requires that your opponent makes exactly the moves you wish him to make. Then it's not a puzzle but a chess dream. What would be the response to 27.Qc8?

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    Sprite wrote: Chesscrazy127, that's a good example of a smothered mate, but isn't checkmate as white can play 2.Kxa2 and avoid the mate.

    then its Ra7# cuz the knight is blocking b3

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    I guess people like to make everything complicated. forkman and chessnoob1997, those are the bottom 2 puzzles of the first page, i can see a mate in 1 in both puzzles. On forkmans 1.Nd6# and on chessnoob1997's 1.Rxh5#.

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    easy - medium?

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    very nice panther    edit:  *pantera*.    LYCAN, you have way too many bishops on white squares. 
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    yeah is true..


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