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Daily Puzzle Submissions! *Be Involved*

  • #101

    puntworthree, your 8:01pm puzzle is not so good because there are two mates that are faster than yours: 4.Nc5+ Ka5 5.Ra7# (I spotted this one by eye) and 4.Nb8+ Ka5 5.Ra7# (I spotted this one double-checking with my computer).

    Your 3:23pm puzzle is very nice. I've actually been reviewing pins this week.  :)

  • #102

    Completely fictitious, time (and players no doubt) will tell how tactically sound the initial play *actually* is.
  • #103

    puntwothree> Completely fictitious, time (and players no doubt) will tell how tactically sound the initial play *actually* is.

    I already provided provided two faster solutions, so your 8:01pm puzzle + solution is not a good candidate for the daily puzzle. After 4.Nc5+ Black is forced to play 4...Ka5, and then 5.Ra7# mates. This is a common way to use the knights to create a mating net. Play it out yourself or consult with your favorite chess engine and you will see.

  • #104

    With all due respect, likesforests, I didn't edit the 8:01pm puzzle to come out with the 6-move mate I'd origonally proposed. This morning I noted that your notation was accurate (and that your mating route was therefore better than mine) and the new solution (if you click on the puzzle again) is one of the five move checkmates you suggested.

    The reason for the extra bishop was to ensure that there was, in fact, only one five-move solution (not to come up with the solution I had wanted to begin with).

  • #105

    I agree your edited version of the 8:01pm puzzle is accurate and good. So people reading this thread later aren't confused, here's the original puzzle we were discussing:

    [FEN "1k6/7p/5Np1/1p1N4/p6P/3P4/r3P1q1/2RK3R w - - 0 1"]

    {Mate in 6} 1. Nd7+ Ka8 2. Rc8+ Kb7 3. Rc7+ Ka6 4. Nb8+ Ka5 5. Nc6+ Ka6 6. Ra7#

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    no i much prefer to submit my own thread of daily puzzles - i want too be seperate from the official puzzles from chess.com!

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    xalways wrote:
    Not my originality but i would like to share it with you all. An easy puzzle mate in 3.

     I think you can mate in two if you move queen into c8, and then b7. is there a problem with that?

  • #108

    visit my puzzles in this forum section - they are called 'Sugsy's Puzzles'

  • #109
    forkman wrote:
    Here's a puzzle I made up. 

     umm.... you can mate by Kd6 right away... and the rest of the puzzle don't make sense...

  • #110
    chessnoob1997 wrote:
    A puzzle with a few mistakes (how do u correct mistakes in the chess wizard??)

     why not take the h5 pawn with the g5 rook to mate??

  • #111

    exactly all of these puzzles are inferior to my daily posts!

  • #112
    puntwothree wrote:

    experimenting with pins and such...

     hmm.... I thought of Kg5, followed with Rg8, then Qg7... works as an alternative right?

  • #113

    gamefrikz: no, deffinately not (no offense). White may still win, but not in three moves, and not by your line. Kg5 leads to 1...Bxe5+, from which white's only moves (once the knight has moved) are king to g4 (mate in one for black) or f4. From there, black can avoid white's mate threat (Rxg8+; Qa,c8#) with a few checking options (of which Bxe4+ is probably the most promising).

  • #114







    Good sequence of moves. Not that difficult.

  • #115

    I Was Thinkin Like Apple127 Forkman

  • #116
    forkman wrote:
    Here's a puzzle I made up. 

    other way is 1.Cd6#

  • #117
    forkman wrote:
    Here's a puzzle I made up. 

    1. Nd6#??? apple127 is right

  • #118

    Regarding # 19..... Rh5# is a checkmate!

  • #119

    chess noob 97 isn't the firstt move Rxh5#??

    And forkman isn't it as apple says?

  • #120

    yeah forkman, i think your puzzle has a few too many moves in it?


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