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Daily Puzzle Submissions! *Be Involved*

  • #1421
    theweaponking wrote:

    Screener, that second one is a one-mover.  1. Bf7#.


  • #1422
    EvanCutler wrote:

    in the last puzzle rook h5                                                                                                              

    Moving the rook to h5 would take 2 moves and it is useless. Maybe you notating wrong? Perhaps you should learn how to notate before correcting others' puzzles.

  • #1423

    Mate in 5

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    xalways wrote:
    Not my originality but i would like to share it with you all. An easy puzzle mate in 3.

    Not a forced mate as Black doesn't have to promote the pawn.

  • #1427
    Screener wrote:

    here's another one. 


    White could've played Bf7#

  • #1428

    I played this game against a computer on my phone.  I liked the checkmate.

  • #1429

    The checkmate at the end is pretty cool, too bad I didn't get to play it out


  • #1430

    21. Nh5+ or Ne8+ Kg8 22. Qg7# and 20...Kg7 was a blunder. Best move was Kh8. Then 21. Nd7+ Kg8 22. Nxf8 Kxf8

  • #1431

    Why not Rxh5? Seems like mate ...

  • #1432

    If white plays Nh5+ Black can't play Rxh5 because he's still in check by the queen. If you are double checked you have to move the king.

  • #1433

    Mate in 7. Difficulty: Medium

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  • #1435

    Sunday puzzle:

  • #1436







    YOU SEEM to take easy puzzles so why not this one...

  • #1437

    heres another one






    its not very hard but not too easy... the three knights checkmate!

  • #1438
    apple127 wrote:
    hold on forkman, isn't the first move knight d6 mate?

    i knowticed that 2 lol  i thought my comp was laging when it didnt work

  • #1439

    White to move and win

  • #1440

    here's one, dailypuzzle


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