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Draw this endgame with perfect play

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    Those moves made perfect sense after a game that should have been drawn an hour before we agreed to finish it . . .

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    Black could win with 3...Nxf7

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    If that is true, then I made an error somewhere. It's a dead draw.

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    2. Kxc6=

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    A remarkable exhibition of those little hoppy things and the big crown guys!

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    jempty_method wrote:

    Further evidence that blitz and bullet is harmful to your chess: none of you could play an endgame to save your lives


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    huh NxN, KxN. King takes pawn and its drawn?

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    Or King takes pawn and its drawn right away (don't even bother with it, burnsy).

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    Yes, but could you do it "with perfect play"?  That's the question. Smile

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    What is this?

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    I think it's another one of those "This is your brain on drugs" things.

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    I was bored, so my opponent and I made really dumb moves. After all, it was a drawn position : P

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    At least until White's 3rd move...

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    2.Kxe3, which is probably what Scott meant back on post #8. The conversation and the game would have been over before Black could "win" the Knight.

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    Yeah, I wasn't even close on the coordinates was I?


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