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Famous Taverner Problem 1881

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    This is a very famous problem posed by T.Taverner in 1881. Im sure it's been posted here in the past at some point, but here it is for all those familiar with it.


    White to move and mate in 2: (Warning: this is so complicated that I will hugely impressed if anyone can see the first move!)


     See move list for all 19 conclusions to the problem

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    very nice position
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    The thing that amazes me is that after white's seemingly innocuous move there are 19 possible moves for black, and yet every single one interferes with his defence to give white mate in one. This must have taken years to compose
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    why doesnt e4 work?

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    I wasted my whole day trying, pls don't say I'm wrong


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                  Thomas Taverner, Chess Probleminst.

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    great puzzle.I was stuck on e4 working until I finally seen the rook was what was in the way when the bishop move to g5 blocked the Q from covering e5.

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    goto old chess to see diagram ,it does not load on v3


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