Final Chess Composing Nov '12

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    I can't wait for the next MCCCC.

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    Congratulations Turm_Breuberg!!. You have won the Nov '12 WCCCC. You have made a great puzzle with a castling key!!. Great job. We all hope that we can enjoy more of your problems in the next WCCCCs. Awesome job!! Cool

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    ... And thank you Timothy_P, MrComposer, 1random, BigDoggProblem, Papapizza, PhoenixFire2001, Exterminator6001, Spotlion, Caiello, y2721 and s0030135. Thank you all for posting on this topic!! Laughing

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    Thanks to all fellow participants and as well to the organizer. :)

    It was great fun and I hope this will not have been the last one. May I suggest a 3-mover contest next time?

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    Congratulations to Turm for winning the Nov. MCCC.

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