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Get checkmate in 3 moves

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    The challenge here is to win the game in three moves.

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    easy! but nice!

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    bah!to easy

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    It is not mate in three.. could be:

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    i posted what he actualy did

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    I can't find mate in 3 against 31. Re1?

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    There is no forced mate in 3, but more forcing than the solution given would have been Qxc5

    The Queen can't be touched ... (Bxe5 Rc1+ Rf1 Rxf1#) and that leaves white nothing to do but "throw furniture in the way" in any of a large number of obviously futile ways.

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    JG27Pyth, i suppose u mean Qxe5?

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    Well, previous posters were right that this is not a forced mate in three, but you were right that the winning move is 1...Rxc3. Sr. Calero seemed to be on the right track. I think this is a forced mate in six:

    1...Rxc3   2.Re1 Rc1  3.Rfe2 Rxe1+  4.Rxe1 Qd2  5.Re2 Qxe2  and mate on move 6

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    That is nice.  Of course with you not moving the queen who is threatened.  Maybe white should look before he leaps.

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    didn't see it at first but it is a good puzzle

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    Systems wrote:

    i posted what he actualy did

    If you want to show us the end of one of your games, just post it as a 'sequence of moves.' There is no reason to post an incorrect puzzle. Everyone will just be confused and start posting what they think are the correct moves.

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    nice and easy

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    All is not lost. Qe2 will still assure a Black victory in two or three moves


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