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How not to lose

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    White to play and draw.

    This puzzle came from an actual gamebetween Dutra and Echeverry.

    White's possition is teetering here. the d-pawn is threatening to promote and white cannot stop it without losing his rook (If Rd1, then Be2! and wins.)But this game ended in a draw. Can you duplicate the moves?


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    One small quibble.  After the initial back-rank check with the white queen, the black king CANNOT return to the back rank, else white wins. To avoid losing, the black King must shuttle between g7 and h7. The move list (with the initial puzzle) shows the black king going to g8; this is a losing move.


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    Oh.ok. Thank yo for the corrections.

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    good one!

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    nice, and daxelson was  rite i noticed it myself :P i was like "huh"? MOVE THE ROOK.

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    Ok what's up with the puzzle??? At first we play as white, but halfway through it switches and we start playing as black.

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    that's weird.Innocent

    maybe erik can explain why...

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