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Longest checkmate problem-290 move

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    That's what happens when you promote the Siamese pawn.

    " DefinitelyNotGM wrote:

    BigDoggProblem wrote:

    Remellion wrote:

    Promoted from the only missing pawn, the black one?

    That was back when promotion rules weren't that strict. ;)

    Yes, you could promote to an opponent's piece, but black had two bishops on the same colour squares as well.


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    Solved 287/290 :D

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    actually chuck norris just pushed 2 black pawns bakc at the beginning of the game and made a black bishop and a white bishop

    thats why black has only 6 pawns

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    good god this is amazing

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     Boring...not easy but boring.

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    This should be the daily puzzle

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    "Insert position or game" button on the top left side of the message box where you write your comments. From there, you'll have to kind of read the instructions. PGN codes can be obtained from any game on chess.com, and I believe it's FEN strings to play from a particular position. Like I said, the rest you'll figure it out as you use it a few times.

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    Got every move correct when I got the hang of it until it started to changeSmile

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    ( Above you can see the longest mate which was ever composed - it is my mate-composition from 2015 with mate in 552 moves ! )

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    Here my worldreord from 2016 : Mate in 553 moves


    There is NO 50M rule at FIDE for worldrecords like above

    My chessproblems ( over 300 chessproblems WITH 50M rule ) anybody can find at gameknot.

    You can klick here and try to solve them directly by clicking :


    kindly regards and have all a nice day with my chesspuzzles

    Lutz Neweklowsky

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    Moremover schreef:

    Here my worldreord from 2016 : Mate in 553 moves

    There is NO 50M rule at FIDE for worldrecords like above

    Actually, because it is a composition, the 50-M rules does not apply (unless you were to present it as a retrograde problem :D).

    Tablebase results in themselves are neutral as they could be used both in actual chess games as in compositions and this could render different outcomes. But the verdict on your composed extension is unambiguous - no 50M rule!

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    it is only loading


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