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MindCracker No. 3

  • #1

    Really difficult 2 moves mindcracker.

    Warning: Only expert solvers are welcome to solve!

                          White mates in 2

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    Timer starts: NOW!Cool

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  • #4

    I guess you found out how Apwin works?? Laughing

  • #5

    Congratulations Scottrf.

    Thanks for solving but that is not the composer's idea. Now see if you can mate in 2 after I edited the diagram.

    Please try to mate in 2 again. Thanks.

  • #6

    You can't do that!

  • #7
    Adriandmen wrote:

    I guess you found out how Apwin works?? 

    No. I still don't have an Apwin. I'll tell you if I'm done with it.Cry

  • #8
    Scottrf wrote:

    You can't do that!

    I can because there's something wrong with the diagram. Please try again, Mindcracker Problems comes only in a Blue Moon!

  • #9

    There is no solution Cry

  • #10
    Adriandmen wrote:

    There is no solution 


    I believe the composer's idea is very difficult.Cool

    Can you please check this with Apwin?

  • #11

    Apwin also says there is no solution Cry.

    What was the composers idea?

  • #12

    Doh Yell

  • #13
    Adriandmen wrote:

    Apwin also says there is no solution .

    What was the composers idea?

    It does have a solution. I promise!

    Could you please try it again to Apwin?

  • #14

    I got it! I have to edit the diagram again.

  • #15

    The final edition is ready for solving.

    Please mate in 2 the edited diagram 1 above.

    Goodluck everybody!

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  • #17

    Congratulations! you're a genius Scottrf! 2 points for you and a trophy!

    You have solved this Problem!

  • #18

    Thanks, I saw you had removed the pawn Wink

    Not sure I would have been so quick without the mistakes!

  • #19

    Now I have to post it to a new forum so others can try to solve it.Smile

  • #20
    Metaknight251 wrote:

    Quite amazing Asorski, and excellent job solving it Scott!  Took me a while to see the underpromotion idea. 

    No. This puzzle has bad/weak solution! That's why I have to edit and post it to another thread! 

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