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n9531l1 wrote:

If you saw all the moves except 9. Bf3, why did you only give one White move at a time and make me give the Black moves? You're supposed to be the solver here.

Because each time, I expected you to say "that's it"


Just so you know, I'll say "that's it" when you've given the solution, not just the first few moves.




Endgames end at varying times when players of varying ability see the end coming and decide to resign. Endgame studies end where the author has designed them to end, so you'd better read his mind. The precise end points have very recognizable attributes to help you do that, like;

  • after a precise unambiguous exchange of moves
  • a neat checkmate
  • a surprising stalemate
  • a quiet board position after a tactical exchange
  • after a refined strategic battle for opposition or initiative
  • an unexpected domination of enemy units.
  • a completed fortress
  • a fatal zugzwang
  • after a running contest mostly of promoting pawns.
  • an elemental endgame like K+R vs K
  • end of a try; sometimes you are ensnared in a trap set by the composer and you land in the wrong line. Well, it can still be one of the intended study ends, even tough it is not where you should be going.
1. Ke3 Ke7 2. Ke4 Ke6 3. e3 winning