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Rooks ending puzzle

  • #1

    White to play! Enjoy.

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    I suggest you try to solve this, it's very nice :)

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    Hmm, I don't see any forcing moves to win, and white has a lot of replies to anything that's not a check. Obviously white's b pawn can't move, and I think the king and b rook look fairly well placed to stop black's promotion.

    I'd probably play d7 but no idea what black would reply with.

  • #4

    1.d7 Rxb2+

  • #5

    2. Rxb2 cxb2 3. d8=Q+

    If Rb8, Qxd2.

    If Ka7, Rxb7+

  • #6

    1.d7 Rxb2+ 2.Rxb2 b3+

  • #7

    Am I on the right line? Laughing

    3. Rxb3 Rxb3 4. d8=Q+ Rb8 5. Qxb8+ Kxb8 6. Rd3

  • #8

    No, black cannot allow white to promote, ever.

    I'll play some more straightforward moves.

    1.d7 Rxb2+ 2.Rxb2 b3+ 3.Rxb3 d1=Q+ 4.Kxd1 Rxd7+ 5.Rxd7 c2+. What then? ;)

  • #9

    Tricky. Well, Kxc2 or Kc1 draw by stalemate.

    I'd try Ke1 and block the check with the rook. Then I think black's losing as the king is stuck on the a file, queen has no checks and you're threatening Ra1 and winning the queen.

  • #10

    Exactly :)

  • #11

    Nice! Thanks for that.


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