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    1. Qb6? b2+!

  • #3

    Where do all these selfmates come from all of a sudden? Did I miss a memo?

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    1. Qb6? Bxb6#

  • #5

    1. ... Bxb6#?? is considered a serious error in a selfmate :p in fact, I'm not even sure if it is a "legal" move

  • #6

    Black is trying to not mate white for as long as possible (and yes, heinzie, you missed the non-existant memo). Try this on:

  • #7

    WOW I got it right on the first try!!!!!

  • #8

    That one is better (I mean correct)

  • #9

    And the first one seems correct too. Selfmates quite often revolve around "stalemating" a black king indeed. GG

  • #10

    get_lost, post #10, 3. ... a2+ seems to not mate white.


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