Tactics 53356


OK, I've just completed Tactic 53356 (with a hint).  I can't figure out what the point of this one is.  I don't see an advantage to white.  Black pushes the Queen to d7.  Could someone explain why Nd5 is the right response?

 [Edit: As baddogno pointed out, my memory failed me when I typed this question.  The correct response was Ne5, not Nd5.  Or perhaps it was just a typo.  Either way, what I wrote wasn't what I meant.  However, I still didn't understand what I gained until after I responded to him saying that I didn't understand.  But in the process of saying that, I figured it out.  Thanks to baddogno for giving my brain that little extra push it needed.]



 It's not.  Ne5 is the correct answer, as given to the problem.  You pick up a piece...


Sorry, failing memory when I typed the question.

Back to the question (with the correct answer).  I go Ne5.  Black responds with Nxe5 and I'm now down a piece.  I respond with Pxe5, and we're back to even, having both lost a Knight.  (Is that the right way to say the pawn in d4 takes the Knight in e5?  I'm new at this...)

Obviously I'm not thinking far enough, but it looks even.  What am I missing?  Or is my brain fried on a Friday afternoon?

[Edit] Crap, after typing this up I see it.  The Knight is pinned unless Black wants to lose their Queen.

Time to turn off the computer. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Don't beat yourself up, Fredrik.  Chess is hard and makes us all look foolish at times...wink.png