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Tactics Problem #1570001

  • #1

    Problem Rating: 1962
    Avg. Time: 16:06
    Attempts: 1
    Pass Rate: 100.0%

    This is a tactic from my game here on chess.com. I hope you like it! :) Good luck! Laughing


  • #2

    No no, I still didn't submission it, because I'm afraid there are mistakes (Qh6 is very nasty once I think). I just posted it here like a tactic. ;)

    I went through your problems and they are very very interesting. I think I will stick to principles you have given me. Thanks for your time, advises and interest. :)

  • #3

    Doesn't 31.Re7 work as well?

  • #4

    Instead of what? :) You mean 31.Rd7?

  • #5

    Yes Laughing:

  • #6

    Yeah, so true! :)

    I need to repair it for submission (if possible)! ;)

  • #7

    Good puzzle!

  • #8

    Maybe you should cut the puzzle only to turn 29 or 30. Nice puzzle. If that was me, I would play 29. Qh6+ and got nothing lol...

  • #9

    Interesting puzzle!  Of course, most players would take the knight, but Houdini gives the following alternate line:


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