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The Beauty of Miniature Chess Puzzles!

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    aurelcablayan wrote:

    Let's get back into business. Another orthodox puzzle to ponder upon.

    1.Qb7! Kxh5(1...Kf6 2.Rh6#) 2.Qh7#. Ideal mates are the best, always nice to be seen. 

    Myself, I composed a miniature about a month ago. Mate in 6.

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    1. Kb4 Bb8 2. c5+ Ka7 3. c6 Bd6+ 4. Ka5 Bb4+ (...Bc7+ 5. Qxc7+ and 6. Qb7#) 5. Kxb4 any 6. Qb7#. Nice forced puzzle.


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