The most difficult 2-mover problem I've ever seen!


Ah, that was it (I hope).

1. Qxf3 d1=Q!


this is impossible. I wouldn't be surprised if it took Garry Kasparov an hour to solve this. well maybe 10 minutes. :)


is this it?

I only spent about 5 min to solve it(I'm not lying)

oh sorry I'm wrongEmbarassed


C4 to D4  (qRd4 ..? not sure the annotation)

king is forced to move to either c5 or c6, no other pieces can block or attack.

D1 to C2  (Qc2) checkmate.  nothing can touch the queen, king can't move from either c5 nor from c6.


Nxf4+ Nxf4 Qxd2#


I fail to see how Re1 was a mate ...  must assume you were just trying to brush off the problem and move on.

You do mean E4 to E1 right?

My first attempt at sol'n, "Qxf3 then E4 to E5" fails because Kxc4. 

I just found a fatal flaw in my attempt in post 133 also.. Kc6 then Bc5.  That turns it into a 3 move mate.

RookSacrifice wrote:

Nxf4+ Nxf4 Qxd2#

Good thought, I got the same idea.

Black Nd3, turns into 3 move mate. 


heinzie wrote:

It looks like this problem by D.T. Brock (1903) with a bunch of senseless pieces added (making the solution work less neatly, too)


(Post #127) Thanks for the information. That was the perfect position before I made my version! The problem was first shown to me by a friend. I admit I was shocked, very shocked by the amazing key move!

I added more pieces, posted it here so that we can have fun solving.

Hail to the great D.T. Brock if he is the one behind this amazing puzzle! I could have nominated him to the Chess Hall of fame if he was alive today!

I wish I could duplicate what he have done in this puzzle!Cool

FirebrandX wrote:

Quick question:

How do you people that solve it aren't just using a computer anyway? For example: Hiceberg is a rank beginner based on his game history, so although he could have solved it on his own, the chances are unlikely.

FireBrandX, your comment is very interesting. I believe Scottrf had solved the puzzle in a 3-hour period! He was there  at the forum analyzing. Even screening/defending the tries of many different solver. That is why I give Scottrf what is due to him! A trophy and nice words to live by.

Speaking of GM_Hiceberg ( post #46) after he posted the key he never go back to this forum. Neverheard. I think you're right that he used an engine in solving the puzzle. After solving, he must return. He must post. He should have been grateful, and share some thoughts about the puzzle which he never did. I think he's not interested anymore. 

GM_Hiceberg, did you really used an engine?

Your comments are welcome...

TDMan wrote:

what's an engine?  where do I find one to see how others cheat?

Please ask Problem Composer Adriandmen, he may help you. You should have Known a little bit about computers.


You are totally right. I also hate it if my puzzles are getting solved with help of an engine. Adriandmen wrote:

"The people who solved your puzzles except this one, are maybe people with an engine.

Also there is no fun with using an engine, and when you use an engine, don't post the answer. It also spoils the fun for others.

And this is an awesome puzzle. And I checked it with Apwin and there is only one solution!! Great work Asorski."

~~ Adriandmen ~~

Thanks Adriandmen. Thanks also to D.T. Brock who made this amazing puzzle! I just made a version.

mauriciolopezsr wrote:

This "problem" amounts to Chess masturbation!

It is NOT even chess as the rules of chess are right out the window multiple pieces, impossible locations, etc!

Come on, create a position that is actually feasible over the board!

Hey, the author intentionally made this an illegal position. This problem will put the solver's thinking ability to supreme test!! 

Engines cannot be of help. Cheaters are not welcome here. 

I made this for fun!Cool


1. Nxe7+ Nxe7 2. Nxf4#


Re5+ Nxe5 Nxf4 mate

Re5+ Kxc4 Qc2 mate


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FordaVanOvid wrote:

1. Nxe7+ Nxe7 2. Nxf4#

1. Nxe7+ Bxe7!!

willysweetkane wrote:

Re5+ Nxe5 Nxf4 mate

Re5+ Kxc4 Qc2 mate

1. Re5+ Kxc4 2. Qc2+ Kd4!!


So then 126 is it?  Solved??!!! 

LOL ... I had replied that this couldn't work, as I had the Rf5, blocking the d4 from Bh8 defense!