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The most difficult 2-mover problem I've ever seen!

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    DalaiLuke wrote:

    I don't understand why the Rook MUST move to e1 ... what is wrong with e2 or e3?

    This fantastic chess puzzle continues to shocked people...Lincolm and I admitted that it's simply amazing. It blows people's mind!

    1. Re2? fxe2!

    1. Re3? fxe3!

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    1. Nxf4+ Nxf4 (forced) 2. Re5#

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    pancakepalace wrote:

    1. Nxf4+ Nxf4 (forced) 2. Re5#

    Re5 is illegal. It has already been solved anyway.

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    Kxc4. Solution already provided

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    @Cnacnel, you're right, Re5# is illegal since the previous move puts the white king in check.

    @Scottrf, Kxc4 would have been impossible because the Rook is guarded by a white bishop.

    Thanks guys, I'll look at the previous solution. 

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    Scottrf wrote:
    WSAEME wrote:

    First I move the Queen from d1 to f3, then the Rook from e4 to d4. 


    2... Rxc5 mate.

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    This is the most difficult 2-mover puzzle i've ever seen!Cool

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    Thank you guys for visiting this tread. Cool

    This already reached  more than 5,000 views!

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    If you cann't solve within a 2hour period,you will get mad.

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    Re4 to Rd4 ....isn't that mate

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    BrianO66 wrote:

    Re4 to Rd4 ....isn't that mate

    Not mate. 1. Red4+ Kxe6!!

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    How are people still getting it wrong 3 months after the answer was given?

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    perhaps they don't want to go looking for the answer before attacking it themselves?  

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    DalaiLuke wrote:

    perhaps they don't want to go looking for the answer before attacking it themselves?  

    You are correct DalaiLuke.

    They want to check if their answer is correct without looking first on the solution.

    Anyway, Scottrf had solved this problem 3 months ago.

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    If this problem is new to you. Or if you've first encounter this problem, then you are free to solve without looking on the answer.

    2013 is full of challenges. Solve this problem and feel great!Cool

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    K x N


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