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Tricky Puzzle

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    chaotic_iak wrote:

    Yes, you're missing the whole point of the puzzle. It is said that White to move and not mate in 1. Not all puzzles need you to find the best move.

    Are we braking the rules,we are playing this game with basic ideas for every one to have one solution mate is mate there is nothing called behind the best move ,or after the end of the game or avoid the checkmate that lead ending the game for additional move you are diverting the whole issue am againist this classification am saing it with a loud voice ,this is a checkmate not just move this an end of a game  do you try to satisfy me to aviod a check mate to do what ? I can just say some body missed a checkmate that is all.What is going on here do you want me to skip acheckmate not to look the best move, to look for something else what you call it tell me ?.why i should touch my left ear with the my right hand to say this is a tricky an pritty ,in most of the puzzles we look at the best move sometime without looking the article because in most of them the article will take you direct to the solution no way other than to name the puzzle but its a hint I consider.I agree with you that some are not all checkmate but one move can show you that white is better by now in position but not behind the chekmate.

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    So what you loose reding my comment half page or one page or even three its just a point of view you can even ignore to write to me  ,rule is rule,nothing called behind the checkmate best move is the best move , no classification for best move number 2 and I quit I will not write any more just ,  I cant ignore the basic idea of the puzzle its nice pining but it should be within the scope of the game   

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    Certainly you only consider chess problem as something to help you to do better in games, not as an art form on its own. If so, I can't argue with you because our views are different. Have fun with your chess games.

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    People argue only when their views are differents , I just want to thanks you for your time reading my comments and replying , I agree with you that the idea is wonderful and I agree with you as a move its a tricky and I amdire the idea  you know where I stuck , but for your info I learned from this puzzle yes its atricky move no doubt I talked principle wise only.so please take it easy remember that I have enjoied every moments here and thanks for sharing and all the best.

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    How about this one Rayyan_Layth ?

    White to move. DONT checkmate!

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    xntric30 wrote:

    How about this one Rayyan_Layth ?

    White to move. DONT checkmate!


    Nice one Cool

    Nxh6 or c4 

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    Surely putting a white pawn on h6 helps.
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    still ?


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