What rating do you think this puzzle should have ?


Hello people, here it is a puzzle of what I should play in a game of the Pius Branzeu Memorial tournament Timisoara 2017, and sadly I didn't play this. Please let me know your opinion of what is the rating this puzzle should have. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it grin.png




Rating? For a puzzle?

You have a 900 bullet rating, a 1200 blitz rating and a 1400 rapid rating.

Which one is your real rating?

 / Based on the fact that it was too hard for you, I think that the puzzle is either a 1000, 1300 or 1500 puzzle.


well yea, rating for a tactical problem, you know if you do some tactical problems on this site, all have a rating. This one I have posted here could as well be found among those on Tactics trainer. I was not in my best shape when i was playing this game, so i missed this, usually I can resolve this pretty easily on Tactics trainer, where by the way my rating is 1720. It was a classic game, where my real rating should be around 1500.



It's only two moves. Probably 1400 or 1500 I would guess.


I think Ne3+ is good too, but is Rf8 really a puzzle, it looks to me like a natural move, I mean you are already up a rook.


You are right, Ne3+ it is a good move too wink.png tactics.png


I couldn’t solve it and I’m 1550-1600 in tactics. Nothing seems to be forced. I’d say 1600-1700.


Thank you happy.png


I'm not so sure this is a puzzle, or at least qualifies as a puzzle? After the initial moves there has only been an even exchange of a Bishop for a Knight with no appreciable positional advantage. To see the correct move to make sure the position for either side doesn't deteriorate seems to be the object of this exercise. As far as a rating goes, take the average of the players playing in this type of game? Seems reasonable that if they both make the best moves that the rating would be in that area.


Thank you very much for your opinions happy.png Here is what i played. What do you think about this endgame? 



With best play it should be a draw, but black is the only one with the winning chances


Power Of Mighty Bishop In The End Game