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What to do whenever you don't really wanna make a move? Like in this example...

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    Hi guys! I play white, and it's white to move. I'm relatively inexperienced and i was playing against the computer (shredder software, medium level). I was trying to just play an open game trying to maintain a control on the center, like my textbook said... but now I'm stuck. I feel like every move I'll make will worsen my position. What do you think?

    What is white's best move here?

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    Well, your knight is attacked twice and only defended once, so you have to do something about that. Either move the knight or play Rf3.

    Maybe Nd1 is good with the intention to manouver to e3 and possibly c4, b6.

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    Ah, you're right... I haven't noticed that. Thanks for spotting it! 

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    Yes Rf3 looks bad because it blocks your bishop, and it also might be answered with ...e5.

    The computer got the control of the c file. Your knight is currently attacked. 1. Nd1 looks good. It's true that it's walking backwords, but you have little choices here and the knight could hop back into the game later. It also guards some critical dark-square weakness in your position, such as d3.

    Black might reply Qc5, attacking your pawn and pinning your rook on f2, so you should be careful. You're a bit on the defensive here, truely. If you answer that with Bg4, black might have ...e5 again, exploiting the pin on your rook.


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