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    @Atroz (25. .. Rxa3+? 26. bxa3 Rxb1 27. Ne3 gxf3 28. Nxf3) in your variation. White has extra black pawn for nothing which if you were playing!

    @AndyClifton; what is the problem that got you here mesmerizedUndecided

    @Pascal nice game, I seemed lost in Game 4, but you felt broken under the sheer move of Nh5 which was defendable, Nice gameSmile

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    @Grandbrother Only temporarily, white have no way not to lose their pawns in the medium term. I believe simplifying, removing the white rook of the game, facilitates end in favor of black. Maybe it's just a matter of preference.

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    grandbrother wrote:

    @AndyClifton; what is the problem that got you here mesmerized


    You left out an "N."


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