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    I was going to post a picture, but apparently Anna Kuni is rather popular among gentlemen's magazines, and as much as I hate the family friendly policy I am not inclined to go around breaking it in such an egregious fashion.

    Anyway, what do you think about Anna Kuni? Did she build the pyramids and Stonehenge and all that good stuff?

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    Are we allowed to post videos of dwarf tossing in here?

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    Of course not. Dwarves are incredibly sensual as it is, and everything is sexier in mid-air.

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    rooperi wrote:

    Are we allowed to post videos of dwarf tossing in here?

    Depends what the dwarf is tossing.  If he's cat juggling, then no.

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    annakuni is an anagram for the supposed "sky beings" of the sumerian culture, the annanuki.

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    I feel enlightened.

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    Shequan, I believe it's "Annukani". Invandh, I'd be content to discuss vodka and chess though never both at once.

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    i hope that cleared things up ...

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