Chess vs Checkers


Just what you like better. Chess vs Checkers


chess deffintly


well seeing as this is a chess website.....i think i like checkers betterLaughing


chess for sure


Checkers often relies on one player to resign, when say there are only kings left. And one player usually eventually lets his opponant eat all his pieces. When I saw two computers playing checkers against each other, they only moved their kings back and forth and the same position has already been reached for like 500 times... Though I'm sure that's just cause they haven't implemented the threefold repetition rule in the program... Still, chess is better for me, though I like shogi and janggi better.


chess rules!


Checkers is definitely the game of "Kings"! There has been so many books written about it, tactics, strategy, master checker games. One reason checkers is not very popular because it takes so long to learn, and find others that can play the game!  Hmmm, think I will watch some football now! lololoTongue Out




Chess. Checkers can't hold a candle to chess' complexity, which is precisely what makes it fun for me.



was there ever any doubt?


Chess eats checkers alive. It also eats cheese.


I`m presuming checkers is known in England as Draughts.Both sides have 12 pieces and they in turn occupy the same colour squares on the board(diagonal patterns at outset). If this is correct, then I would have to suggest that chess is better for me although Checkers/Draughts is still enjoyable occasionally. 

EN-swiftsaab question




They both begin with "Ch" must be very alike? Tongue Out


chess wins for sure!!!


Chess. Then Othello. Then Cluedo. Then checkers/draughts.

I would always prefer to collar Colonel Mustard for leaving his rifle in the greenhouse than to make a king.


chess of course


GM Donner used to say : " Checkers/Draughts is such a flat game " , and in case it is wrongly translated by me, he ment to say a flat surface and flat pieces, no three dimensional.     I understand what he ment because in my opinion chess is ( as well ) a visual game, one can see the position from a distance, from various angles, such in contrast with playing here on the monitor, where you see it only from above.   I myself noticed this when alternately playing over the board and on, it is quite different, one get used to one system that is played mostly.   

This has nothing to do with the question in post 1, but can be a reason for people to choose for Checkers/Draughts, as they see it " from above ".   And I am told that needs another approach, even they say, more difficult  than our chess, weel, different in any case.

Let somebody react on this difference please, chess or checkers ???


CHess ya boi!wink.png