Crazy eBay items!


I spend a lot of time fooling around with eBay when I'm not playing chess. Lately I've been taking note of crazy stuff that people sell.  Here is a crazy case in point someone got over $100,000 for a wax figure of Albert Einstein, signed by Einstein. OK very rare item but $100K!?

Here is the acutal closed auction, for real you can't make stuff like this up!

Just curious if anyone else plays around on eBay and what are some of the strange things you've seen?


Awhile back (2008) there was a news item about someone selling their soul on eBay, but eventually the heretics and blasphemers who run the site decided to prohibit souls from being sold there.


NimzoRoy, selling the soul that's a great one!

Whaleeyeman, trash for sure sells but so does trash! I had a bunch of 2600 magazines back in the day and was going to toss them out and ended up getting like $35. You never know...