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Delete one and down by two...

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    I have noticed something that puzzles me.

    As a superadmin of a few groups, I have deleted/banned a small handfull of people.

    Every time I delete/ban one person, the group total goes down by two.

    Does anyone know why that would be?

    (Group total=190/one deleted/immediately down to 188.)

    I have thought that perhaps someone had more than one account, and it automatically deletes out connected accounts. 

    I'm not really sure and that is proabably grasping at straws.


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    Let me know which group it is, I'll sync the member count then you can let me know if it happens again (it shouldn't though).

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    Second Amendment Rights, Atheists and Theists, and Atheists (only)
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    Maybe their soul left too! Laughing

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    Ok I've sync'd the number counts on them now, should be ok.

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    Thank you Kohai!

    @DrSpudnik, LOL


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