Don't Neglect to Vote in the U.S.A.


Don't forget or neglect to vote during the elections tomorrow! It is very important! Smile

God has blessed us with the freedom among other things, to vote.

Vote Biblically and trust God for the outcome.

May God go with us as we vote and have mercy on our country.


Amen LoyalWarrior - God bless America


Amen bro!


Well, what matters the most is that you vote for whoever is best equipped for the job and supports biblical principles.


Yeah, please give some examples of biblical principles, and how would they substantially differ from principles based on other religious books, as pertains to running a democratic country?

I'm curious.


I don't know how much you know about the Manhattan declaration but its three main planks are biblically based - you can check out the Biblical rationale on their website. These are:

1. support of traditionally defined marriage, i.e. one man and one woman

2. support for life, i.e. no abortion, euthanasia or embryo research.

3. support for religious freedom.

I daresay support for these principles can be found in other religions too.

I can't speak for LoyalWarrior and as I'm not a US citizen I have less right to make pronouncements than those who are but the Bible declares that "righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to any people" and surely right minded people would prefer exaltation to reproach.

These notions will no doubt influence thinking Christians when it comes to vote and so they should. And it doesn't necessary mean a vote for the right/Romney as issues like social justice and care for the poor and disadvantaged are also Bible principles.

Winston Churchill ones said that democracy is a bad form of government but it is better than any other form of government. The package of solutions to issues political candidates present to the electorate can rarely be viewed in black and white terms but if democracy is to work at all we all have a duty to vote in a way that is likely to produce the best result for the people of the US / world at large - not an easy call!

skullskullskull wrote:

If voting could change anything, they'd make it illegal.

You have a point.... but that's not the whole truth imo

For example, did you see what was decided today by voting in Colorado and Washington?



JRB136 is right in his post of three main biblical principles.

Diet and exercise are individuals responsibilities. It has nothing to do with leading a country or voting for righteous laws and actions.


you are right - diet and exercise are important - we need to look after our bodies and the Bible encourages as so to do but with respect there is little politicians can do about the matter, given these other issues they are less important and (I may be wrong) the points being made on the subject are a mischevious deviation to Loyalwarriors concerns in his orriginal post.


 I do plan to vote but being an athiest i do not get my guidence from the bible (or any other piece of fiction).