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    I don't understand how you could ever lose rating by winning a game...

    But yeah, it's a bit of an issue, depends where you are in the queue.

    Recently I had 2 games against awardchess, who's normally about 200 above me. But he timed out in a string of games, and by the time i came to mine he was about 1100. So, I actually lost points for scoring 1.5/2 against a stronger player. If I lost both (entirely possible) I would have lost 32 points.

    If the timeouts against me happened earlier, I would have gained.

    I think maybe ratings shoould be adjusted according to the start ratings of the players?

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    A player timed out in all his games at the start of the third round of the Tournament, Spider (1), just a few days ago. He did not make a move in any of the games, so the other players received no rating adjustments.

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    i suspect they listed them in the wrong order-you jump to 2047 and then return to 2045-change the order and see for yourself

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    I'll see what i can do

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    I too won two games in a tournament game by timeout against the same player in succession and one of the timeout game was missing from the archive. It was never recorded in the archive.
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    It is almost not possible that the timeouts are at the same time. The last move off the opponents would have to be stored at the same moment in the database.

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    Kacparov wrote:


    I recently won 5 games by timeout against the same player, and it now looks like I lost points on one of them! I don't know if it really matters but the order of timing out may sometimes make a big difference in ratings. So I thought: what happens if a tournaments round starts, and 1 player times out all the games on the same time. Which one is counted first?

    It has been fixed now so they show in order on current games and games history.

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