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Guess Winerkleiner's Secret #2

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    look out for black colored fish, checkWink

    thank you

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    snakesbelly wrote:
    You were the coroner of Munckinland in the Wizard of Oz....Yes! I know! It is not a sitcom,Yes ,I know that is old but I had no TV for 12 years OK!! And the not knowing is killing me ,millions of people talking about shows I have never heard of ,struggling to embed you tube videos,not knowing how to send links....you don't know the life I lead!! The sideward glances at the dinner parties when I don't laugh at what George said in Seinfeld,or who the guy is that play in some CSI show...then the invites become less, phones are not answered,the whispering behind your back ,the raised eyebrows when you quote from Little house on the Prairie...one day someone give you both DVDs for Men in Black ,you watch it 4367 times on a portable DVD player that you've hooked up to your car battery , armed with your knew knowledge you feel able to become a valuable member of society again ,to laugh and be happy ....then you meet AnnaZafi ...you sense the raised eyebrow when she comments on your men in black references and you know the whole cycle is about to repeat itself!!!! Anyway I am off topic now ,but thanks for listening I feel a bit better.

    Lol now I feel better as well, but for me to be that (little person) would put me in my 90s or worse, needing a coroner myself.  So no not the sitcom but a heck of a fun laugh, thanks!!

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    corrijean wrote:

    The John Larroquette Show?

    No good guess, did he ever host Saturday Night Live?

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    I have to recap everything that Winerkleiner is not so I can make the guess, and snakesbelly post are a loooooooooooooooooooonng readUndecided,

    I am not complaining, just that it is a looooooooooooonng readTongue out

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    Yes, he has.

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    FirebrandX wrote:

    Was the show popular, or did it tank after one or two seasons?

    It was on for at least 4 seasons if I remember right, it was a funny show and I will give another clue tomorrow, the clue will help some people.

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    snakesbelly wrote:

    Interesting allow me to interpret: colors , as you probably know, all  have meaning, cat puke yellow also known as cadmium yellow means a certain amount of uncertainty in relationships with persons who’s name starts with either D or L and is taller than 1.78m ,lime green learning ,growth ,harmony, self respect and hatred for any job involving a broom, purple – the search for spiritual fulfillment ,good judgment and probably indicates that you were a turtle in a previous life.

     Now for the images : pink fluffy bunnies of course means different things in different cultures the ancient Egyptians believed we are the descendants of these creatures and that one day they will come to earth to collect the chosen and it is a little known fact that this is the reason so many ancient Egyptian sculptures and hieroglyphs  resemble bunnies. The Greeks and Romans in turn believed that only the whales and dolphins were created by pink fluffy bunnies  ,which kinda makes more sense in my opinion.

    The serrated teeth is an interesting addition and means you probably daydream a lot.

    The puking cats in the lime tree signifies puking cats in a lime tree and basically means you have a paranoid side and that you very likely don’t eat enough carbohydrates for breakfast.

    The band and the song is just a ‘filler’ used by the subconscious to complete scenes and can therefore be neglected.

    I hope this has made things more clear for you.

    If ever you see this scene again and there is a black fish in it flopping about then regard it as a ring tone as it is probably someone from ‘Chess Mediums ‘ trying to contact you.


    Ever yours truly



    That sure sounds like a unique way of contacting members if not a wee bit complicated, a simple email might do!

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    Laughingyou have to have love for the snakesbellyLaughing

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    AnnaZafi wrote:

    you have to have love for the snakesbelly

    Lol what's your definition of love?

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    mutual love for the dead chess players society


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    You two are so romantic, don't forget the wine!

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    The comedian whos show I appeared in is African American, back then he referred to himself as black and he considered himself as a bad boy.

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    corrijean wrote:


    Sorry corrijean it's not Arse...nio, but good guess!

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    chubbychocobo wrote:

    fresh prince of bell air or martin? 


    Nice and you're right well at least half right, which dude hosted SNL?

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    Yes I was in Martin in 93, it was Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With Martin and he was nice to all of us when on the show.  I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  They needed one of us to be cool and nonchalant and he pointed to me!

    Now guess what I was doing on the scene.  

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    Ha alright you found it!  wow, I'm wearing the black leather jacket in the background tossing up peanuts, nice but kind of embarrassing sort of.  My small claim to fame (pun). 

    I still support the beard too.

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    That was an interesting secret!

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    chubby says you are the short person @ 1:15?


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