How much is your beer?

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    I was fortunate to be in Czech Republic this summer and of course could not leave without sampling the Pilsner there. My favorite was a black and tan with dark Kozel beer and the classic plzen brew. Beer is rather cheaper too, about 3 or 4 dollars for a half-liter, compared to 5-6 for a pint here.

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    That sounds like a great holiday Ivandh. I mean to get to see the sights of Europe and also do some beer-tasting as well, can't do much better than that. 

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    Sometimes I wonder if Brewery workers tend to be happy on the job. For example in the city of Edinburgh we find the John Crabbie & Co. Brewery. I mean with a name like that can the staff there be happy or not  lol. Btw I bought a bottle of their Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer recently, not bad at all.

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    Did it make you crabby cabby?

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    EUR 0.99 to EUR 1.30 if bottled.

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    Rasputun is beer! Black! Pilsners (coors, budweiser, etc) are imposters. Lite means watered down. Save some money! If you like Miller lite (or any lite beer) simply buy regular miller and then add water.

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    AlCzervik wrote:

    Did it make you crabby cabby?

       ---   AlCzevik: No I tend to get quite happy after a glass or two ( or three ) of Beer. Being Ginger Beer it had a nice interesting flavour.

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