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How much is your beer?

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    maybe i'm naive, or, you're messing with me, bunny, but, i'm not drinking that.

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    craftsmanshipbymark wrote:

    Thanks to capitalism, here in the dinky state of Indiana (the smallest state west of the Appalachian mountains) we have over 100 microbreweries with plenty of choices to please your palate. I have two within crawling distance of my house. To hell with the corporate swill, drink local! By the way, growlers for $8-$10 US.

    what sucks about indiana is that liquor stores are closed on sundays.

    ffs, it's sunday.

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    Yes , welcome back to the 1800's here in Indiana. They've tried to change the law prohibiting Sunday sales but the liquor store lobby has managed to keep it from happening. Just stock up on Saturday! 😵

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    I actually don't like beer or wine. Always preferred whiskey or vodka. Jolly shandy's like a nice soda 😉

    AlCzervik wrote:

    maybe i'm naive, or, you're messing with me, bunny, but, i'm not drinking that.

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    Quality or Quantity ? Some serious beer drinkers like to claim that one should only drink bottled beer. Innes & Gunn's Oak Aged Beer (from Scotland ) used to be shipped to this area in 355 ml bottles. However recently they changed over to 500 ml cans. I think that this is a win-win as I no longer need to worry about breaking the bottles when I'm carrying this brew around plus the cans are about 30 % larger, great idea, Cheers !

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    Alexm2310: I don't watch the prices too closely but $2.20 US is about $2.70 Canadian and that sounds close. Mind you we do have lots of taxes on Beer here so it might be slightly higher in price. 

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    National Geographic magazine is a very good publication that has been in print for many years with many interesting articles from all over this planet and beyond. So why would I mention that here ? Well if you look at the front cover of the Feb issue you will see the photo of a beautiful glass beer-mug filled with a nice golden brew. The main title reads: " The Birth Of Booze  ---  Our 9000 Year Love Affair With Alcohol " ( very interesting stuff   lol ).

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