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How much is your beer?

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    Best beer I ever had was Red Oak Lager brewed and sold in North Carolina. I had a draught in Chapel Hill and man that stuff was good. I should have seen about picking up a six-pack for the road but never got to it.

    Yuengling Black & Tan seems to be quite popular round here, and a sixer can be had for 7 USD after tax, which is surprising since you can't get a freakin pizza for less than 15.

    A buddy of mine was telling me about an Imperial Russian Stout, a high-gravity (10.5%!) brew. It was around six, which is not too bad for a bar.

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    We seem to have transitioned from how much is your beer to how good is your beer. I had a Green Dragon IPA yesterday from Alley Kat brewery in Edmonton. It was very good. I was told that there was a Black Dragon IPA coming as a part of a series in which the hop varietal would be alternated. Very much looking forward to trying the rest of the series.
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    Well Hello Folks. A beer with 10.5%, I wouldn't mind trying a glass or two of that one myself  lol. Grobe since you are in my general area you must know my regular brew which they sell these days as Old Fashioned Pilsner. Of course back when I first tried it the name was Lethbridge Pilsner and before they were bought out by Molson's it was indeed brewed down in Lethbridge. 

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    I'm thinking you must be thinking of Old Style Pilsner (indeed, started by a Lethbridge brewer) -- it's still sold under the same banner:

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    Although I haven't seen it in the stubby since before I was allowed to drink it.

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    Thanks Grobe for posting that ( very beautiful ) photo. As I was working from memory here I messed up the name  lol. Of course for the oldtimers like me it will and shall forever be " Lethbridge Pilsner ". Today they mainly sell it in cans but I'm happy to say that they kept my favourite label of all time intact. Those of us that have spent a lot of time looking at that nice label know that it has magical qualities that show up after having had several glasses of this brew. The old bi-plane will sputter to life and fly around in large lazy circles. the Steam train will huff and puff off down the track with the whistle being heard off in the distance.  That car struggling up the hill will backfire a time or two and chugg off around the bend and the stagecoach will keep rolling along. The native folks will decide thats it is a bit chilly out and move on into their warm tee-pee. Yes I have spent a lot of time watching the action on that label ( and the brew is very good too  lol ). 

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    Well for our Brew of choice today we are going back to Innis & Gunn of Scotland. However this time I am enjoying a glass of their Oak Aged Beer, which is aged 77 days before being bottled ( AH nectar of the Gods  lol ).  Cheers !!! 

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    Today I had the chance to visit our local Liquor store again and now have some brews to sample. One of these fine brews is Guiness Draught Stout, a nice powerful, dark beer. Also we have a nice brew from Corssendonc of Belgium. This brew from Belgiun is a very flavourful Fermented Brown Ale ( living high on the hog here today  lol ).  

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    Kinda reminds me of "How Beer Saved the World." << It was a tv show I watched on Discovery Channel. :)

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    Right now enjoing a 6.5% Red Hook IPA. Good enough, not great--a B grade brew. $2 for a 22 oz. bottle, which feels about right.

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    Ordered a RIPA (Rye IPA) on Monday night.  As soon as I took a sip I realized that (as good as it was) it was a mistake.  10% alcohol is not a wise move at the beginning of the work week....

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    Just found a bill from earlier this week to get the info on current prices in this area. A 6-pack of Old Style Pilsner ( yes they of the magical labels  lol ) is $ 12.14, for six 355 ml cans. Guiness Draught Stout 6-pack of 330 ml bottles was at $ 12.57. The Marstons Oyster Stout was $ 4.05 per 500 ml bottle. The Oak Aged Beer from Innes & Gunn costs $ 2.90 for each 330 ml bottle. The Coressendonc items came in a nice boxed gift-pack containing 2 bottles plus a terrific Beer-glass as well at $ 9.99. This is a small local Liquor store so they can't match the prices of bigger high volume stores. However they also need to move " left-over items " out as well so I got a good price on the Guiness.   

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    Pyramid Outburst. A "dry hopped" IPA.

    8.5% abv, with plenty going on in the flavor profile. It does quite well on beeradvocate. For me, simpler might be better in an IPA, but this is definitely an accomplished brew.

    Pyramid Thunderhead IPA. That simpler IPA referred to above. Just 6.7% abv. Not all that hoppy.

    I'm looking for more IPAs to show up on the local racks so I can find that real good IPA for me.

    Maybe try the latest iteration of Summer Grifter when it reappears--which I liked a lot last summer.

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    Try the Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA ? nice for me.

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    Yup. Good brew.

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    I just put $40 down on a $70 six pack of Westvleteren I expect sometime in June/July.

    One of my regrets is not stopping in to the monestary while I was over there to pick some up despite being only a few miles away. To my knowlege this is the first time it's ever been exported and frankly, I expected to face a much steeper premium.

    It had better be good....

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    After some googling, $70 is a good price. (Egads! anyway.)

    You gonna review it on Ba?

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    You know, I never have, but maybe...

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    Oh you lucky dog. I also wonder if westvleteren is as good as its hype.

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    I was doing a little more research last night -- 7760 of the gift packs (presumably pictured above?) are being imported into North America.  Dig around a little, you may be able to get your hands on one.

    I'll be sure to report back here once I've tried it.


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