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I hate all of those goshd--n GOOFY Avatars !

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    YES there are a lot of GOOFY avatars on this site ! No I'm not talking about the NICE avatars that some people have like maybe a photo of themselves or one of their cat ( or of themselves with their cat ). However there are a lot of avatars put up that make no sense or are downright UGLY !

    Also regarding those people who seem to change their avatar about once per week, what the heck is up with that ??? I can only assume that they have some kind of multiple personality disorder lol ( Ok which one of us is in charge today ? ).

    Let me just add: Long Live The Pawn !!! ( the Pawn is the Soul of Chess, as was said by some smart fellow ). In conclusion let me say Thanks for allowing me to have my little rant lol.

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    Thanks for the post. And no I had just got out of bed earlier and needed to post a little rant. After being on this site several months I just kept wondering about the endlessly changing avatars  lol. 

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    Oh and just to clarify an earlier post, the Avatars with a photo of a cute dog are nice too  lol.

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    Yeah, there's nothing wrong with a pawn, but if everybody has the same pawn is there any point in using the image at all?  All it does is identify one as a member of chess.com, and we already know that of anyone on the website.

    I always assumed all the people with the default avatar either didn't want to put one up of their own or just didn't care at all.  It hadn't occurred to me that there are people who specifically like having the same avatar as a multitide of others.

    A snappy mask and shades competes with any cute dog. Cool

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    Thanks for the post Cystem-Phailure. I started this thread sort of tounge-in-cheek as a lot of the avatars are quite nice, however there are also some goofy ones. Also the thing that does confuse me is the constant changing of avatars, but I guess that people just want to do their own thing  lol.  

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    My avatar, for the record, is of Alekhine with his cat (or of a cat with his Alekhine, as the case may be with cats). It's the only picture I've seen where Alex does not look like he is about to tear the photographer's arms off.

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    Thanks for the post Ivandh, and yet somehow I thought that it was a photo of you with your cat  lol.

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    Like I say it is a rather unusual photograph and many people do not recognize him.

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    ivandh wrote:

    Like I say it is a rather unusual photograph and many people do not recognize him.

    lol -- and I thought maybe I recognized the cat . . . 

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    BTW, I agree that the changing avatars can be a bit disconcerting when it's one you've come to associate with a prolific poster.  I still haven't adjusted to the frumpy face gazing out from each of flags' posts.

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    So you like a pawn. So do I.

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    Thanks for the recent posts. If I was to ever change my avatar I think that a Pawn armed with a Bazooka or a Sub-machine gun would be ok  lol.

    When I'm reading thru a thread the first thing that I notice before I start to read any specific post is the avatar. So of course the endlessly changing of avatars just confuses me ( Hey I get confused easily  lol ).  

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    The last fellow here seems to be wiping out his own troops-- must be a case of battle fatigue.

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    Thanks for the images of Pawns. And the Pawns shall go marching on  lol.

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    I like to think of mine as just a big goofy drag-queen pawn.

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    Goofy's pawn:

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    Ok lets get to the bottom line here ( and the TRUTH shall set you free ! ). As it happens I'm not very good with Computers so I decided to keep my cute little Pawn and have my little rant. So let everyone knock themselves out having fun with their avatars and as I see them I will be ROFL. Carry on trucking ---

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    Or you can combine the two approaches, cabadenwurt, and use this:


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