I hate all of those goshd--n GOOFY Avatars !

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    Just saw another funny avatar. WCM Mirza uses a photo of a Koala bear, very cute.

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    I see that HueyWilliams is trying out a new avatar   ---   Verrry Scary  lol.

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    They Are Back !!! Yup some people insist on changing their avatar about once per week ( confuses us old folks  lol ). 

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    YES there are a lot of GOOFY avatars on this site ! No I'm not talking about the NICE avatars that some people have like maybe a photo of themselves or one of their cat ( or of themselves with their cat ). However there are a lot of avatars put up that make no sense or are downright UGLY !

    Also regarding those people who seem to change their avatar about once per week, what the heck is up with that ??? I can only assume that they have some kind of multiple personality disorder lol ( Ok which one of us is in charge today ? ).

    Let me just add: Long Live The Pawn !!! ( the Pawn is the Soul of Chess, as was said by some smart fellow ). In conclusion let me say Thanks for allowing me to have my little rant lol.

       ---   Does it seem that more and more cases of multiple-personality disorder seem to be happening here  lol ? 

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    I see that someone here is now using the Pirate flag as their avatar ( Up the Jolly Roger !  lol ).

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    Recently I noticed that HessianWarrior is using a very cute avatar now. It is a photo of a fellow with a long grey beard holding a little baby ( ie a grandchild perhaps ? ). very nice.

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    Absurd you say ! Well we are at a new level with these recently posted avatars that feature dancing Chessmen ( or other items in motion within the avatar ). I mean was the entire world crying out for such foolishness   rofl. 

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