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I love people with no guts...

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    I love people with no guts they help me to be on alert in this dog eats dog world (maybe less aggressive personas can calll this as A LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE - a tribute to an exellent song by Bucks Fizz). Well, I guess, human nature is not perfect but when you see your game is helpless and you go on playing .... Well, who r u? Of course you think u r a hero. Hmm, i think another - just a little kid trying to escape another fire under his bed (of course gentlemen, you how deadly wrong it can turn out).  So, it means don't play with fire or , it means chess, unless u can face the music. Oh, what am i talking about?  Rrhightt, it's about respect for your opponent. Lots of sick people would play anything to prove they are worth something and they keep on cheating. Sick EGO . i PUKE WHEN I MEET ANOTHER 1 LIKE THEM.

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    I am not really sure what you are trying to say, but the tone makes me believe that you have little respect for your opponents. The choice of if and when one resigns is completely up to that individual. Respect that. If your position is clearly won, then play it accurately to its conclusion. 

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    Another instance of "chess rage".

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    But it's my right to stalemate you Smile.

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    Yeah, right as some1 clever has noticed i don;t respect scoundrels and cheaters. Oh, it's so wrong. But is it? Read the title of this post carefully then. As for rules, they are written for good people, while the bad always can take care for themselves and trample on these rules. 

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    I would think it'd take more guts to play on in a lost position than to resign.  Or maybe just an attempt to piss your opponent off by taking the maximum time possible.

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    It takes a lot of guts to quit whining about everything and suck it up like a grown-ass man.

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    That was nice but so far nothing unusual. Maybe the difference between boxing and chess isn't obvious for some people. So far I see that nobody can prove that it's a good thing to behave like a rat and to play against time.

    ivandh wrote:

    It takes a lot of guts to quit whining about everything and suck it up like a grown-ass man.

    So that grown-sucking-ass attitude is nothing but a spoilt kid's whim.

    Yuo dudes have just  2 accept the fact it's exusable and normal for u. CU;)


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