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I'm just being me art

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    Please feel free to add any images you like.

    Save the image on your device. Either using save as or hold your finger on the image until save appears and select save. Then visit this site though your internet browser not an app, then click on the painting icon second from the right and upload.

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    Good morning, Tom, everyone 😃

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    wow beautiful thank you. 

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    Good morning beautiful Jane. Thank you for the delightful artwork. I love you babe. 

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    Mon plaisir, Tom 😃

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    Yours has beautiful colours too. 

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    I can still hear birds tweeting in the chimney, Tom, btw, as I'm posting. We don't want to injure them if there are babies obviously so have arranged for a sweep to come today.

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    That's sweet beautiful Jane thanks again. I loved the Mozart you gave me too on the other thread.

    Could you remind me of that painter you like please, from the other day?
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    These are two of his, Tom, Michael Garmash.

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    Perfect. Okay babe I won't steal your thunder then. I'll just delight in viewing these treasures as and when you want to show me them. Thank you.
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    I love the blue of your first. Thank you petal.
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    Exploring, the theory, that 'Tom', was "Wm. Somerset Maugham," in a previous life !?  [ :


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    Hey Hi Ed. I have a new conversation thread and you sir are a lifetime member.
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    art on a shirt


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    That's pretty thank you Piperose. You're a poet. You like Piperose or Piper?
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    TomGa1971 wrote:
    That's pretty thank you Piperose. You're a poet. You like Piperose or Piper?


    Lesser words to type.

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    Resultado de imagen para arte

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