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Is tofu good for you?

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    Is tofu good for you?

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    OMG  *hides*

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    It depends.

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    Maybe if you deep-fry it...

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    Deep fry it in what?

  • #6

    Organic oil of course!

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    adamplenty wrote:

    Deep fry it in what?

    trash cans :D  right at the bottom where no-one sees it ;)

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    We have a Chinese restaurant over here that serves tofu and it actually tastes good. Never asked if they mix rats or apes in it, though. Maybe I should... 

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    Having a vegetarian diet is not only good for you, but good for the animals that avoid torture and slaughter. Tofu can be seasoned and cooked to taste quite good. When looking for the health benefits of Tofu it would be smart to find out who is sponsoring any negativity about Tofu and a vegetarian life-style, since the meat industry sponsors some of it.Wink

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    After all that you didn't come out and say it's good, which must mean it's bad.

    Cheeseburgers it is!

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    I think whether or not a food is healthy would probably be best answered in research instead of getting answers on a chess website;)


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