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Minecraft: The most childish game ever.

  • #1

    I love minecraft. ^__^

  • #2

    :D minecraft is not childish though :P

  • #3

    It so is...but I must be a child because I just plain love it. <3

  • #4

    What is minecraft?

  • #5

    It has nothing to do with children, don't see how it's childish. A bit of a controversial thread name, I'd say?

  • #6

    It is a game where you build stuff and share it with people. :P And play hunger games. :) Bigto you just dont get it.

  • #7

    Well then why did you name this thread that in the first place? "Childish" is usually used to mean immature in an inappropriate way and "building and sharing with people" does not fit that description. Smile

  • #8

    It is childish. No childish means of a child. For a child. Which is basically is considering the bad graphics. But I do like it so whatever.

  • #9

    He's not joking. He already murdered me this morning. :-(

  • #10

    Whatever. :P

  • #11

    He's right!

  • #12

    I'm certainly not left.

  • #13

    I'm pretty sure he didn't murder you, but whatever. XP

  • #14

    That's handy.

  • #15

    I think it made a whistling noise while it went over her head. No offence MusicGirly. :D

  • #16
    BluRRVelocity wrote:

    He's right!

    Who are you referring to??

  • #17

    Oh no, he did. He just forgot that I'm half cat, so I have a total of 5 lives. Er, 4 now...

  • #18

    Lol XD

  • #19

    MusicGirly wrote:

    BluRRVelocity wrote:

    He's right!

    Who are you referring to??

    mk killing 17.
  • #20

    Ah. I see. XP


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